In most areas of law, we can provide you a fixed fee. That means you are told up front how much your matter will cost, knowing it won’t cost any more than that.

Traditionally lawyers have billed clients by the hour or in 6 minute lots. That often means that clients aren’t entirely certain about what their legal fees will be.

As an example, many lawyers charge for every email you send them, and every email they send you. Every phone call, every voicemail message they listen to. Every moment that is spent on your case. That makes it very difficult for anyone to know precisely what your case will cost.

Instead, what we offer is a fixed fee system. That means you are told in advance, and in writing, the fixed amount your case will cost. No nasty surprises. That is how it should be. No different to going to a doctor, or an accountant or buying a car. We aim to provide you with a fixed price.

Discuss this option with us at our first meeting.